Thank you for expressing an interest in helping to support TaleBlend.We believe TaleBlend is unique to the internet landscape in being dedicated to principles of free expression in storytelling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal, a conservative or at the far ends of the political spectrum. If your principle interest is in the art, science and practice of storytelling, we want your input.

However, running a site like TaleBlend isn’t cheap, particularly over extended periods of time. We’ve already spent several hundred dollars in goods and services solely to help build and present TaleBlend in a manner suitable to our readers, and we’ve still got a ways to go!

We have a four-phase development plan here at TaleBlend, and now that we’re approaching the end of the first phase of our development, we’re going to need your help to bring TaleBlend to the next level. We’ll be sharing only our first two phases of development until we pass into Phase Two, upon which time we will reveal the details of the third phase.

The Four Phases

Phase One: Launch

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Phase Two: Expansion

The expansion phase of the TaleBlend project includes the creation of a regular podcast/YouTube channel, expansion of our community services and the release of our dedicated resources for storytellers, starting with the forthcoming TaleBlend Guide to Worldbuilding. With the release of our first book, Phase Two will be initiated and is expected to reach completion as of Q3, 2019. The TaleBlend Guide to Worldbuilding is just the first such product of its nature to be released, and it is currently on-track to be released before Christmas, 2018.

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Phase Three: Information Coming Soon

Phase Four: Information Coming Soon


How you can help

There are a myriad of ways you can help TaleBlend, and not all of them involve sending us money.


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