Are you a storyteller, or passionate about storytelling and media with information, perspective, advice or a story you’d like to share? Then we’d love to hear from you! 

What you need to know

pen 1035081 960 720 300x199 - SubmissionsTaleBlend is still growing, and we’d like to invite you to be a part of that growth! We are currently accepting article submissions from guest bloggers covering topics relating to storytelling for film, television, comics, prose, poetry, music, gaming, and any realm touched by the all-encompassing finger of the storyteller.

What kind of articles are you seeking out?

Some contributions to TaleBlend have taken the form of character analysis, reviews, useful links, guides and advice for storytellers, as well as interviews with interesting storytellers, and commentary/opinion on the culture, industry and craft of storytelling. If you have an idea for an article, feel free to contact us.

What about compensation?

At this time, TaleBlend is operating almost entirely out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, we cannot offer compensation to new bloggers. However, as the site grows we will begin the process of providing compensation for authors, with preference given to authors with prior submissions. Get in on the ground floor!

What if I’ve written an article elsewhere? Can I resubmit it to TaleBlend?

Yes! TaleBlend is happy to syndicate your content, provided you own all the rights to the article. Additionally, you may also repost your TaleBlend article elsewhere without restriction. You own all the rights to your content, and you may request that it be taken down from TaleBlend at any time.

Are politics off-limits?

Vitriolic politics, yes. But politics in general are often hard to avoid. It’s fine to state a political opinion, so long as it does not denigrate any group or class. TaleBlend is decidedly bipartisan, but we understand many of our contributors are going to have opinions that span the spectrum of politics. We’d prefer if politics were kept out of storytelling, but are not opposed to publishing opinion pieces regarding how politics affect our craft.

How do I submit an article?

First, register a user account on TaleBlend by using the log-in menu at the very top-right of the page. Second, make use of our contact form below to let us know that you’re interested in an article submission. Please include the topic and theme of the article, as well as a rough idea of what you’d like to say, share, or get across. Please include the username you used in order to sign up for an account. You will be contacted with 24-48 hours.