TaleBlend is a blog magazine dedicated to providing writers and storytellers from across the spectrum of creative media with resources, information, news and opportunities.

We support principles of free expression in fiction, the separation of art from artist and attempt to provide a non-emotional, non-partisan perspective on cultural issues affecting the subcultures of books, comics, video games, films, television and music, among others. Additionally, we aim to provide our readers with an interesting array of consumable media via reviews, fiction, games and more.

In the early summer of 2018, EJ Spurrell wanted to develop a news and information blog for storytellers of any medium to be able to find information related to their field without being put off by partisan politics with a particular focus on the realms of speculative fiction, (science fiction, fantasy, horror.) After much research and deliberation, TaleBlend was born.

Our Mission

First and foremost, TaleBlend exists to provide resources for storytellers and escapists. It is our aim to provide storytellers from the novice to the master across the spectrum of creative media with detailed studies, lessons, tools and information to help them navigate their way through the complicated processes involved in the art, business and science of storytelling.

How we intend to do this involves four main phases of growth. For more information on these phases, please see the Support Us page.



Our Staff

Founding Editor-in-Chief

EJSpurrell - About Us

EJ Spurrell   


EJ Spurrell was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1980. The child of deaf parents, he learned to read from an extraordinarily young age via closed caption on television and was raised largely by television and media icons of the 80’s and 90’s. He has a deep admiration for stories, be they books, films, games or comics and studies the effects they have on the social landscape. When EJ was 12, he knew he wanted to be writer, and in 2008 he published his first fantasy novel, Children of the Halo. EJ has experience working in the film industry as a production assistant, and has had a “bucket list,” of goals written since 2005. So far, he’s finished half of his goals.


JHLillevik - About UsJan Helge Lillevik  

JH Lillevik was born in 1980 in the Southern Norwegian town of Arendal. He discovered at an early age that he loved to make up stories, and a childhood injury helped him to explore and experience fantasy worlds where the hero still saved the day, and the bad guys always lost. Jan is deeply interested in Norse mythology, and fairy tales, and studies characters in-depth. He studied film at Lillehammer University College (HiL) at Lillehammer, and played a part in several Norwegian productions, including writing feature-length screenplays. He now lives in Lørenskog, outside of Oslo. Jan writes in-depth character analyses and more for TaleBlend.